Many truck bed covers manufacturers claimed in their sales pitch that their covers will help you save on gas. But how far is that true or are they just making up bold claims without any real hard evidence? Before we go any deeper in determining this statement, let"s look at some product information on these truck covers.

Truck bed covers or better known as tonneau covers are flat lids that are positioned over your trucks. The purpose of this cover is to protect your items or cargo from being stolen and also to protect them from the natural elements such as rain, sunlight and snow. They are many types of tonneau covers such as aluminum, folding tonneau covers, fiberglass and many more as discussed here in this article.

Lets" examine the claim that tonneau covers help you to save on gas and gives you better mileage if you use one. Tonneau covers are typically placed flat and held taut over the bed of your truck As such, the manufacturer claimed that as you traveled, the wind will glide aerodynamically on top on the covers and this in effect will reduce the tailgate drag As we know the less drag there is the faster the car will go with less effort. This will therefore translate into less gas being used to travel the same distance.

Well, is this true or do they pick out numbers from the air and give us some horse shit?

But looking more closely at the claim and watching several of our rental trucks being fitted with tonneau covers over the last few months, we had the chance to compute some data and noticed that this claim is indeed true.

We also noted that the trucks used in the Camping World Truck Series also use similar tonneau covers on their trucks and it seems that the addition of a tonneau cover actually helps them to save on fuel and make the car move faster. As fuel consumption is very important during a race, it is critical that competitors use as little fuel as possible during the early part of the race to avoid running dry towards the end of the race.

As such, every available part of the truck that has a space to absorb the wind blowing in has been covered up to reduce tailgate drag. Gas saving varies from vehicle to vehicle and the type of tonneau cover use but generally you are able to save between 5-10% fuel if you use a tonneau cover for your truck.

Over a period of time, these savings adds up and you will be able to save a significant amount of money which can be used to buy other accessories for your truck.

If you are ready to further investigate more about the different type of tonneau covers available in the market today and what the features that you need, head on over and read our article on how to choose the best tonneau covers. We strongly recommend using folding tonneau covers as they are more easy to assemble, install and operate. Check out the information HERE.