Your truck needs a cover and you know that. But the questions that always makes you hesitate to get a tonneau cover for your truck is what should I get? What brand and model is good and reliable? Well the Leer tonneau cover is a good choice for you to seriously consider. If you are looking to spruce up that truck of yours and at the same carry some stuffs behind your truck without exposing them to the harsh weather and also to keep prying eyes and hands off your precious cargo.

The Leer brand is synonyms with trucking covers and tonneau. Manufactured in Woodland, California, Elkhart, Indiana, and Milton, Pennsylvania, the Leer brand dominates others when it comes to supplying high quality tonneau truck covers from hard one piece aluminum to tri folding models, they have it all. According to their website, today one in every five trucks in the United States uses a Leer cap or a Leer tonneau cover. Wow… that"s a serious thought on how popular the Leer brand is. Let"s examine the top 3 reasons why leer tonneau covers are so popular among truckers around North America.

1) Quality – Leer tonneau covers are known for it"s high quality and superior workmanship. It fits snugly onto your pick up truck without having to do any major modifcations. Many truck owners like this easy and quick assembly feature as it does not mess up their trucks and they can do it single handedly Also when you travel fast, a tonneau cover that does not fit properly is very dangerous and it may flap around and come loose at high speed.

2) Lightweight – Many Leer covers are made from heavy duty aluminum making them very lightweight and strong and sturdy at the same time. Aluminum material does not rust over time and it is also very good and preventing water from seeping into the truck. The lst thing you need is a flooded truck bed after a heavy rain.

3) Modern and very sleek looking are the hallmarks of Leer covers and they blend perfectly with the shape of your truck and the color tones matches well with the color tone of the body of your truck. It is also an eye catcher as it comes with modern streak lines that gives a it a sophisticated look.

However, the Leer tonneau Cover has a big disadvantage over it"s competitors and that is the pricing. Most covers and caps go for between $800 to $1000 and unless you have a big budget, you may want to look for something else. Take for example the Leer Trilogy Solid Folding Tonneau Cover 2015 Ford F150 5.5′ Bed. It goes for more than $800 on Amazon. And the Trilogy X2T Tonne Cover Toyota Tundra 6′ 6″ w/ Deck Rail System goes for more than $1000. So these covers are definitely not cheap but if you are looking for something special and high in quality, the Leer brand is definitely on top of your list.

You can check out some of the Leer Tonneau Cover models HERE.