There are many risks, whether visible or invisible that can cause a great deal of problems for truck drivers. Rust and damage to certain parts of the truck may be the reason behind most accidents on the roads. Driving with a vehicle that is not road worthy is just one of the principal causes of injuries, as engine is not properly inspected and parts aren"t routinely replaced.

Mechanical failures can occur due to faulty or damage parts. Although only a tiny percentage of accidents occur for the reason, it"s still a danger. The probability of having an accident with damaged truck parts can significantly decreased by simply taking care of one"s truck.

Maintaining your truck means paying attention to the tyres, brakes, steering, fuel and other additional safety systems to ensure that your truck is safe to operate. Here are some problems you should watch out for:

1) Assess your tyres prior to going on a long distance adventure. Start looking for uneven or unusual wear and then substitute the tyres whenever they are worn. Make sure the pressure is correct.

2) Don"t drive with bad brakes. If your brakes are making a noise and the red brake light happens when you apply the brakes, then it has to be checked and replaced. Driving with faulty brakes can cause the vehicle to skid and collide with other vehicles as trucks require a longer braking distance.

3) Wornout or damaged shock absorbers can damage the truck"s suspension and wear tyres quickly. This effect may trigger the tyres to rebound, producing worn or bald spots faster and you will need to replace your tyres more often than is needed. Moreover, a worn shock will cut the driver"s ability to control the truck safely.

4) Never let your fuel level dip too low. There is a high chance that your truck"s fuel filter wont have the ability to capture it all, particularly in the event you drive with an scarcely full gas tank on a regular basis. This could damage the interior components of your own truck and the fuel filter will need to be replaced regularly. If the coupling becomes worn or separates and breaks, then you may lose all steering control.

In the event you risk driving with damaged trucks parts it will not just mess your truck it may mess your life as well as your pocket too. So do take note.

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