Looking to buy a tonneau cover for your truck and have $800 to spare and want me to show you what to get?

BAK tonneau covers is the cover that you probably want to get that can make you feel highly satisfied in terms of quality and safety. Apart from Leer tonneau covers that I reviewed HERE, which is another high end and high price cover manufacturer, BAK is another name synonymous with high quality truck covers that many truck owners are proud to own.

Many truck owners just want to get something right for their trucks but are constantly struggling to find the right price point, right design, right fittings and the right color to match their trucks. These can be sometimes very frustrating as you search around without much success. If you were to buy them in an auto shop, you would probably end up buying the wrong thing as the sales person may just try to sell you a model which is not suitable for you. I am not saying that all shops does that as some are genuinely concern about their customers needs and will recommend something that is suitable for them. But if you go to Amazon, you can read all these reviews like the ones HERE and you will know which one is good and which ones to avoid. These reviews are very accurate as they are from actual buyers and not some random guy ranting off. So let"s see what"s so good about the BAK tonneau covers and examines it"s top 5 qualities.

1) Easy and straight forward installation – Most, if not all truck owners look for this feature when looking for a tonneau cover. Anything that is complicated and cannot be single handedly done and installed by the owners themselves is out of the question. They also look for installation that do not need them to use any special tools or drill unnecessary holes in their trucks when they are fixing this tonneau cover.

2) High quality materials and workmanship – BAK tonneau covers are made from high quality heavy duty aluminum. This material does not rust nor does it leak and as such your cargo is safe and protected from heavy rain and the harsh and hot weather during summer

3) Ease of use – The folding aluminum tonneau cover from BAK such as this model, Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Cover is very easy to use as it rolls up quickly and smoothly allowing you to place your cargo into your truck bed by yourself.

However as with the Leer tonneau covers reviewed HERE, the BAK tonneau covers are on the high side. Nothing in their range sells for less than $700 with most of them like this model, the Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Cover selling for well over $800.

But if price is not your biggest concern and quality and safety is of utmost importance then the BAK covers are the ones you should get. Amazon do carry some inventory HERE which you can check out.